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  • Song of the Sea

    Song of the Sea


    Very heartwarming, very touching story of the human condition. Based on Gaelic Irish mythology, it shows how if you are open to it that there is magic left in the world. Despite all the struggles we go through as individuals, we should try to do our best to be there for those that need us. And though we fight with the darkness, to strive through it and work ourselves ahead of it, we need to be the beacon of light in the storm and shine bright so that our light will shatter the boundaries separating us from others that would try to contain us.

  • Blank Check

    Blank Check


    Definitely a fun feel good movie. One of my favorites to default to once every few years. It's mindless entertainment, hardly realistic but nonetheless it is funny and fun.

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  • Goosebumps



    First time seeing this movie since the theater...still very enjoyable, still very fun. I honestly think I prefer the movie to the tv show.

  • Planet of the Sharks

    Planet of the Sharks


    In the last age of humanity the polar ice caps have melted and we have adapted to living on the ocean, whether in city-flotillas or in research rigs. We have a chance to reverse the ecological damage done to our planet, but we must first overcome the biggest threat we have ever faced - a mutated shark with the electromagnetic superpower to control a very large pod of sharks. Will we succeed in surviving against this threat and utilize it…