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  • Goodbye Christopher Robin

    Goodbye Christopher Robin


    A biopic with a fertile emotional throughline, in which Domhnall Gleeson continues his hot streak of performances as a repressed, lost-and-found, "Oh-why, oh-why-do-these-things happen-to-me" AA Milne. Supported by wonderful performances from Kelly Macdonald (excellent as ever) and young Will Tilston, (a revelation) this is a charming look at early, unwanted fame.

    The framing device ends up feeling tenuous, and it's desperately in need of a redemptive moment for Margot Robbie's social-climbing matriarch, which sadly never comes, but empathy is paramount here, and the result is a moving Sunday afternoon sort of drama.

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    It's the first time I've seen this since the cinema, and I got through it in two chunks when I was trying to get to sleep. For me, it's one of the less rewatchable Marvel movies (as has been true of every proper crossover except The Avengers) because it's such a beast.

    But there are loads and loads of highlights here, not least of which is Daniel Bruhl's scheming and underappreciated villain - a "little" Big Bad in a story…

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  • Ghostbusters



    Hey, guess what? It's nothing like the trailers. It's actually funny, actually scary, and, because there isn't a bottom half to read under a movie, it's 100% dickhead proof.

    The one thing that nobody seemed to actually buy ahead of this was that it could be both a remake and a passing of the torch. It turns out that it's both of those things and while it certainly bows to the original as much as, say, The Force Awakens does…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    It may be a little premature, but we already have the first President Trump era comic book movie. I'm not even talking about the story, in which two emasculated rich white men blame an immigrant for what's wrong with the world.

    Just like Trump's campaign for the nomination, it's stupid, hateful, and by the time you've just deciphered one utterly insensible thing it's said or done, it'll have done five more. And depressingly, despite all of this, people are probably…