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  • Scandal Sheet

    Scandal Sheet


    Samuel Fuller’s 1944 novel THE DARK PAGE is the origin of this Columbia newspaper drama, though he had nothing to do with the film. John Derek is a sleazebag newspaperman who misrepresents himself as a cop to grill a distraught murder witness for lurid details that are barely fit to print. Broderick Crawford (Derek’s ALL THE KING’S MEN co-star) is great as a fast-talking editor who saves a formerly respectable newspaper from bankruptcy by transforming it into a repository for…

  • Shockproof



    Written by Samuel Fuller as THE LOVERS, Columbia’s entertaining crime meller SHOCKPROOF was a financial disappointment for the studio and a creative one for its original screenwriter (Helen Deutsch, later an Oscar nominee for LILI, penned the rewrites). Soon afterward, Fuller directed his first movie, I SHOT JESSE JAMES, released a month after SHOCKPROOF in 1949, in part to protect his screenplay.

    Douglas Sirk, better known for dramas and romantic pictures (his last feature, IMITATION OF LIFE, came out in…

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  • Action U.S.A.

    Action U.S.A.


    Only watch this if you love car chases, car jumps, car explosions, car smashes, and burning men.

  • Invasion of the Star Creatures

    Invasion of the Star Creatures


    Goddamn this wretched science fiction comedy created by a pair of Roger Corman actors. Jonathan Haze, the star of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, wrote the story and screenplay, which was originally titled MONSTERS FROM NICHOLSON MESA as a tribute to AIP head honcho James H. Nicholson. Bruno ve Sota, whose Corman credits include A BUCKET OF BLOOD and THE WASP WOMAN, directed the film, his third and last as a director. INVASION OF THE STAR CREATURES is worse than any…