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  • Turbo Kid

    Turbo Kid


    A wild post apocalyptic 80s style SciFi action/ splatter flick is everything fans of those films want. The movie is action packed, hilarious, and ultra-gory, but it's also oddly sweet. A wonderful Green destined for cult fandom.

  • Tourist Trap

    Tourist Trap


    A deliberately paced cult favorite that does a good job of mixing slasher with creepy doll flick. It also had some truly creepy moments, which has helped out keep its longevity among genre fans.

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  • Quantum of Solace

    Quantum of Solace


    Ok, so the editing and the directing are terrible and suffer from epilepsy, also the story the story is a little weak, oh and the villain sucks. However. ..
    It's not a bad film. It is, at least entertaining and fast paced. The Bond girls are beautiful, but above this is made ab I very average thanks to Daniel Craig.

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    One of the true classics of the slasher genre this is one of the very best and scariest from that subgenre. It stands head and shoulders above the rest I the series, which quite frankly by second film was already rehashing itself. Unlike those and others like it the characters are most fleshed out and, gasp, they're even likable!
    The gore is excellent, but emphasis on suspense helps greatly. It leads to an awesome and exhilarating climax with an excellent final girl and a great villain.
    A huge, personal favorite of mine.