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  • Halloween



    "When did he have the time?" whispered my friend after Michael had stuffed somebody in a closet.

  • Paddington



    Cuteness overload, and I loved every moment of it!

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  • The Makeover

    The Makeover

    This Hallmark movie is a perfect example how everything is predictable to a point where you know how things are gonna go just based on its title. The positive thing about The Makeover is that David Walton is tall, handsome, pleasant to look at and that he has big hands, which is apparently important because otherwise I can't justify my decision that lead me to watching this movie.

  • Laggies



    I still love this movie so much! And I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but where the hell is a sequel for this? Megan's such a great character, she could struggle with motherhood in the second film. And Sam's character Craig could be like, all hands on dad, cause he's done it already and they would finally decorate the house and get more furniture for his office! I mean, the movie is writing itself at this point!