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  • The World's End

    The World's End


    And that's the end to the Cornetto trilogy! I think the order I would rank the three films ended up being order that I watched them: Hot Fuzz > Shaun of the Dead > World's End. That being said, World's End and Shaun were pretty close (the decisive points putting Shaun higher being that Queen sequence in Shaun and the fact that everyone was drunk through half of World's End, which felt overused too soon).
    Still, it's a fun comedy and a good finale to the trilogy.

  • Gangster Squad

    Gangster Squad


    Eh, it's not bad. There isn't a whole lotta distinctive substance here, but it's it's still fun to watch (and the bold colors looked nice).

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  • 12 Angry Men

    12 Angry Men


    The big thing that stood out in 12 Angry Men was the host of fantastic characters – each one had his own unique traits and mannerisms, and it was great to watch. One notable aspect is the fact that none of them actually have names – they’re just jury 1-12 – but they still stay distinctive.
    In the first half of the film, a majority of the jurors (besides #8) didn’t seem all that bright. I understood perfectly what 8…

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    That was great. A solid story with solid characters.

    First of all, Spider-man and Ant-man were hilarious. I think Tom Holland is a fantastic Spider-man – he pretty much fills the areas the past two incarnations have lacked in (Maguire didn’t really talk much as Spider-man and Garfield was a terrible Peter Parker).
    I have mixed feelings on Vision’s involvement. I realize he was trying to stay out of everything because he felt fighting was unhelpful, but he didn’t really…