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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    Leapt at the chance to rewatch this and fell in love with it even more. Would make a great double bill paired with Near Dark, which it's clear Doctor Sleep took a lot of inspiration from - all that's missing is the Tangerine Dream score. The film is brilliant - a stirring tribute to The Shining that is a worthy sequel that will unfortunately be watched by too little (Midway is currently beating it at the domestic box office, which is a really bad sign.)

    Counting Saint Maud as a 2020 release this is my favourite horror movie of the year so far.

  • Countdown


    Countdown plays out like a mid season six or seven episode of Supernatural (which isn't a good thing) trying to do Black Mirror, and it completely lost me. It's awful. It's not 'so bad it's good' - that at least would be entertaining - it's just bad, the jump scares are cheap and predictable and Justin Dec's film lacks any visual flair and feels just as soulless as its novelty of the moment premise that will totally not be dated…

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  • Alien



    Hoop-Tober 2015! (1/31)

    "Now, this air shaft may work to our advantage. Here. It leads up to and comes out in the main airlock. All right, there's only one big opening along the way, we can cover that up, and then we... drive it into the airlock and zap it into outer space."

    And yet another classic movie that I should have probably seen by now is ticked off my watchlist. Hot on the heels of the likes of Lost…

  • Midway


    Went in with low expectations but somehow I was still underwhelmed?

    Midway is a disaster - uneven, poorly written and every actor somehow feels like they're trying to be in a different war movie than the one that they're actually in with mixed results. It borrows everything it can from something better and feels like it's trying to be as cookie cutter as possible. There's nothing anything about this film that suggests anyone involved actually cares, as for the most…