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  • Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs


    Sam Neill’s hair has never looked better.

  • Honest Thief

    Honest Thief


    A generic actioner from Neeson, with a generic title to match. Like it was translated literally from Japanese or something. Anyway, I kind of enjoyed it. Couple of car chases, some shooting, mans getting punched etc. It’s not amazing but will give you something to watch whilst necking a few beers and chewing on a slice of pizza.

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  • Predators


    Film through the years is lit­tered with quotable lines, not least the orig­i­nal Preda­tor. “Get to da choppa!” and “Jeez! You got a big pussy!” are just two exam­ples of Hol­ly­wood script writ­ing at it’s absolute best.

    Aside from that, it’s one of the few films where Arnie is upstaged, almost. And by a seven foot guy in a rub­ber suit. One of the most iconic designs in cin­ema his­tory, the Preda­tor has unfor­tu­nately been rel­e­gated to star­ring in a…

  • A Horrible Way to Die

    A Horrible Way to Die


    Pity the poor actors in A Horrible Way To Die. They do a pretty great job, especially Amy Seimetz as the alcoholic ex-girlfriend of a serial killer who's escaped from jail.

    All her efforts are virtually undone by a director who can't keep the camera still for more than a second. Or who thinks it's so cool to have out-of-focus objects in the foreground for every other shot.

    Drinking game: every time the camera loses focus and pans downwards at…