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  • The Executioner Part II

    The Executioner Part II

    Mind-bogglingly bad to the point of accidental surrealism.

  • You're Next

    You're Next


    Clever, suspenseful riff on the home invasion genre. Great cast of genre favorites (A.J. Bowen, Barbara Crampton), indie directors (Joe Swanberg, Ti West) and a movie star waiting to happen (Sharni Vinson) breathe life into Simon Barrett's witty script. Director Adam Wingard keeps things moving at a brisk pace and the whole thing is tied together with a couple of clever twists and nice score that reminded me of John Carpenter's best work as a film composer. Well worth seeing.

    This film was included on my Favorites of 2013 list. You can read the full post here: obsessivemovienerd.com/2014/01/06/favorite-films-of-2013/