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  • Wayne's World

    Wayne's World


    Did you know, if you stab a man in winter, steam will come from the wound.

    Indians thought it was his soul leaving his body...

  • Bubba Ho-tep

    Bubba Ho-tep


    Thank ya, thank ya very much

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  • Hook



    This week we learn being an adult is evil, wait, baldness is evil? I’ll get it…oh yea, you can gain weight from imaginary food! We watched Hook! Can you fly? Can you fight? Can YOU crow?

  • Lake Placid

    Lake Placid


    This week on Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we visit Bill Pullman after that whole President thing and hear some of the worst dialog put to celluloid. We watched Lake Placid, people really need to stop ripping off Steven Spielberg, ok? And no, your pitch of what if Betty White were the bad guy in a Jurassic Park meets Jaws crossover starring a giant alligator does not sweeten the pot. Well, I am lying, that sounds amazing; too bad this was not.

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