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  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


    I don't think anyone ever wanted to find Sean Penn that bad.

  • Poltergeist



    What the hell. Why is this considered a horror film classic?
    Almost nothing in "Poltergeist" worked for me at all. I found the pacing to be completely off, the overall tone was weird which got even worse because of how melodramatic parts of it were. In addition to that, I found all the characters either annoying or just unrealistic in their actions, except for maybe the teenage daughter who was somewhat believable. Coincidentally, Dominique Dunne delivered the best performance while…

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  • Enemy



    I've never been that great at analyzing films in search of a specific meaning especially if that meaning is to some extent hidden on purpose. However, even without being completely certain what Denis Villeneuve tried to express here, "Enemy" makes for a really interesting watch.
    I had previously only seen "Sicario" and "Prisoners" by Villeneuve and enjoyed both of them without regarding them as masterpieces like some people (maybe rightfully) do. Therefore I had relatively high expectations for "Enemy" and…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out


    As a 22-year old male I don't really think that I was the key demographic for this movie. So why on earth did "Inside Out" get to me to that extent?
    First of all, the voice cast is incredible, not only in terms of names but also in terms of performances. Amy Poehler's involvement was one of my main reasons to watch this in the first place and I was not disappointed, neither by her nor her co-stars.
    My second…