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  • Top Secret!

    Top Secret!


    Reading reviews for Top Secret reminded of the fact that the most popular Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker film in most countries, or at least English-speaking ones, is clearly Airplane!, which always catches me a little off-guard because in Germany the Naked Gun trilogy and especially the first movie are much more ingrained into popular culture. I grew up watching these films while I didn't see Airplane! until my mid-20s.

    What Top Secret does really well is being a mostly good movie not only…

  • Seconds



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is one of the most relatable films I've ever seen because if I got a new identity, I would also immediatley fuck everything up by getting drunk and then telling on myself.

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  • Heimat



    So to me, this is it: the crowning achievement of German cinema. I know that's a bold statement and I'm not pretending to have seen all relevant works to make said statement but to me, this is it. And this review is supposed to explain why because that's not the easiest feat.
    "Heimat" is tough to sell to people even if they're cinephiles and German. And it's easy to see why: It's a story about a fictional family in a…

  • Enemy



    I've never been that great at analyzing films in search of a specific meaning especially if that meaning is to some extent hidden on purpose. However, even without being completely certain what Denis Villeneuve tried to express here, "Enemy" makes for a really interesting watch.
    I had previously only seen "Sicario" and "Prisoners" by Villeneuve and enjoyed both of them without regarding them as masterpieces like some people (maybe rightfully) do. Therefore I had relatively high expectations for "Enemy" and…