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  • The Truman Show

    The Truman Show


    I rewatched it for the bazillionth time and it’s still amazing. Had it at a 9/10 before, but my love for it grows stronger everytime I watch it — so I just had to make it 10/10.

  • Brimstone



    I’m not easily shocked. I’m from Holland and we can swear and show tits, dick and pussy on tv — so I’m used to stuff like that. I’m also fine with gore and violence — hell, there’s more gore on those plastic surgery tv shows.

    But this one — this one shocked me a few times. Not in terms of goriness, but more because of the viciousness of The Reverend, his fucking retarded motives, and how other characters made drastic…

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  • Only Lovers Left Alive

    Only Lovers Left Alive


    Visually I thought it was great: great cinematography, colours and production design. But it was a bit too slow for my taste and it had trouble keeping my attention.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I’m a gooey romantic. I love movies. I love behind the scenes at the movies. I love long takes. I love jazz. I love astronomy. I love hoping I was just 1/10th as cool as Ryan Gosling. I love Emma Stone. I love love.

    I love La La Land’s cinematography. I love the costume design. I love the lighting. I love the music. I love the dancing. I love the colours. I love the look.

    I love this movie!