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  • Soul



    I haven't really been a fan of Pixar for quite sometime. The last movie of theirs to really blow me away was 2015's Inside Out. Everything else since then has been a hit or miss -- Coco being the only one that really deserves the hype and praise. So my excitement for Soul was minimal to say the least. But I had just finished Wonder Woman 1984 and I still had some time to kill so I thought, "Why not…

  • Tenet



    A solid, action packed, well shot, well directed, and well composed movie that suffers from having a plot that is hard to follow at times with characters we really don’t care much about. There are a couple of cool twists and turns that help, but overall, it’s a movie to rewatch for the visuals and some of the most impressive action you will ever see.

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  • Joker



    How does one start a review for a movie like this? A movie with so much praise, but at the same time, so much controversy.  It won a lot of awards, yes, but does it condone violence on people left and right? Should it win dozens more awards? Should it not? Is it a masterpiece or is it incel garbage that deserves no time of day? These are all valid questions, some more than others, and I have answers to…

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    The Hunt is many things: Inflammatory, offensive, problematic, clever, funny, gory, but overall, it’s good. Really good, actually. Let me elaborate a bit with some context, as this movie needs some.

    The Hunt tells the story of a group of Right-Wing Republicans are dropped into the hunting grounds of top-tier, Left Wing, Liberal Elites. Now the Conservatives must band together and survive. It feels like it would fit perfectly in the world of The Hunger Games as some reality show…