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  • The Last Ride

    The Last Ride


    Rubber, the real stuff, was rationed during World War II. Charles Lang is a member of a gang that deals in bootleg rubber. The gang steals tires and their confederates sell blackmarket 'new' tires to the victims. The 'new' tires are not actually new, but old tires covered by a thin skin of rubber. Two teenagers are killed in a horrific crash after the 'new' tires on their car collapse. Richard Travis, police detective brother of Charles Lang, investigates the…

  • Jailbreak



    Detective Barton MacLane and crime reporter Craig Reynolds investigate the killing of inmate Joseph King who was in his cell when he was shot. Several individuals, including inmate Dick Purcell and guard Charles Middleton, had motives. Who done it?

    Slow and dull, this film takes most of the running time to get to the titled jail-break. Barton MacLane is top billed, but Craig Reynolds, a tiresome actor, is the star.

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  • Outrage



    Ida Lupino was a marvelous actress, but perhaps even a better director. She might have been given more resources nowadays, but even with low budgets and relatively minor stars, she made extremely powerful films. This may be the best, a gritty, extremely modern tale about the rape of a young, pretty woman in a small town and the failure of society to in any way to prevent the rape or help her deal with it. The police want to catch…

  • Carnival in Flanders

    Carnival in Flanders


    Carnival in Flanders (La Kermesse heroique, 1936) is unusual in many ways. How many films dealing with the occupation of a city by elements of an invading army are comedies? How many movies have ever been set in Seventeenth Century Flanders? Where the heck is Flanders? (For those not knowing the answer to the last question, Flanders is the Dutch-speaking northern portion of today’s Belgium.)

    The year is 1616 and Spain has invaded and occupied the Low Countries. A courier…