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  • Those Were the Days

    Those Were the Days


    A rather plain coming of age drama that sticks to the script a little too closely. Some typical hurdles in the lives of a couple of young teens make up the meat of this film, but Eric Tsang probably wasn't the best guy to direct it. He is a better at comedy and clearer genre work, the drama here feels a little forced and overworked. Not a terrible film, but a little hard to recommend.

  • Hush!



    Decent drama about a wayward woman who ends up with a gay couple and asks them to father her child. While the topic sounds quite heavy, the film is actually pretty light and comfortable. The acting is solid, cinematography a little basic and the drama somewhat predictable, but overall not a bad film.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    A tepid romance. Some very annoying characters spend their summer vacation in Italy, boy falls in love with friend of the family and that's about it. The setting didn't really do it for me, Guadagnino's direction is pretty plain and the romance could've used some extra sparks. And of course it doesn't help that the film crosses the two-hour mark.

  • Arcana



    Not your typical Japanese ghost story. There's a bit more lore to go through here, it's also much more direct in style and execution. Quite gory at times, with solid cinematography, edgy editing and some interesting fantasy elements thrown into the mix. This was quite a pleasant surprise to be honest. Not flawless but good fun nonetheless.