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  • Sisterhood


  • Landscape with Invisible Hand


  • The Life of Emile Zola

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  • Sisterhood



    Early Uchida that showcases the man's talent. Sisterhood is a nice mix of drama and crime cinema, not meant to change either genre forever, but offering a solid dose of appeal for fans of both niches. It earns bonus points for harboring some of that 00s grit, but overall it doesn't quite stand out enough for a higher rating.

    Yui and Ai become sisters when their parents marry. They get along very well, in part because neither one of their…

  • Landscape with Invisible Hand

    Landscape with Invisible Hand


    A quirky little sci-fi. It's not an outright comedy, but Finley leans into the weirdness and absurdity of the story and the result is a remarkable film. It's a peculiar mix of genres that makes it difficult to compare to any other film I've seen. If not for the lack of urgency, this could've been a true gem.

    It's been five years since first contact. We've learned a lot from the aliens, but society has been split in two. The…

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  • 2LDK



    This film, being made in just a week, is obviously a little rough around the edges. At the same time, there's also a level of vitality and energy that is often lacking from films that are more meticulously planned. Tsutsumi made some smart decisions, keeping the cinematography and soundtrack more functional, while focusing on elements that were able to stand out more easily. With two spirited actresses, a fun and progressively more over-the-top script, nifty dark comedy and a very…

  • Hells



    This film asks a lot from its audience. You have to be able to keep with the outlandish art style, the high levels of comedy and absurdity mixed with a well-considered (how implausible as it might be) storyline and the constant assault on the senses. In return, you get one of the most uniquely satisfying anime ever released. A film that can only be compared with a very concise selection of otherwise incomparable animation projects. Hells is a true delight if you appreciate your films a little different, if not it's probably best to stay away from it as far as possible.

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