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  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    Fennell's promising feature film debut is rightfully making some waves. There's quite a lot going on here, but Fennell juggles everything like a pro. It's one of those films that retains its mystery until the very end, though it lacks that little extra grit that could've turned it into a real masterpiece.

    Cassie still lives with her parents and works a boring day job in a local coffee shop. She was well on her way to become a doctor, but…

  • The City of Kungfu

    The City of Kungfu


    A simple but amusing martial arts film. It's one of those popular Chinese TV productions that are a bit hard to gauge up front, but this was one of the better ones. Some solid action scenes, goofy kung fu masters, a little comedy and a clear bad guy who may think he's winning, but is about to get his ass kicked.

    Yi Li is a wannabe martial artist who roams Old Street, a tourist attraction that used to house a…

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  • The Taste of Tea

    The Taste of Tea


    A lovingly executed ode to laziness, boredom and feeling at ease. The characters do little else but loitering, loving the fact that they have nothing else to do but to sit and enjoy the moment. Ishii livens things up with some absurd events, but never to the extent of his previous films. The Taste of Tea is without a doubt Ishii's best film so far, a true masterpiece and a joy to watch again from time to time. A film that knows no weak points, which is quite amazing for a film that lasts more than two hours.

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  • The Day of Destruction

    The Day of Destruction


    Personally, I'm glad Toyoda is back to his rawer, more punk self. The Day of Destruction reminded me a lot of Toyoda's Blood of Rebirth and I think the two would make for an interesting back-to-back screening. The film is probably a little niche and it's not going to draw the same crowds as Blue Spring did, but true Toyoda fans are sure to have a blast with this one. It's raw, primordial and unfiltered emotion, an audiovisual experience that…