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  • Dog Star Man

    Dog Star Man


    The prelude is creative but too abstract and nonsensical for my tastes. Part 1 was interesting but got pretty tedious and repetitive. Part 2 was the highlight, short and sweet, meditative and creative. Part 3 was like a blend of Part 2 and the prelude which was pretty cool. Part 4 was interesting but I didn't get much out of it. I can't really say I loved it since the prelude and Part 1 made up 2/3 of the whole thing, but it was a unique experience and it's worth at least giving it a shot.

  • The Immigrant

    The Immigrant


    This is good film, but it feels cold and distant when it should be harsh but inviting. No matter how good Cotillard (she's great) and Phoenix (he's good) are and how meaningful and relevant the thematic content of the struggle for survival as an immigrant is, the actual narrative shows its construction a bit too much to let the film as a whole fully succeed. I may momentarily feel Cotillard's struggles, but then I see yet another of the many…

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  • The Kiss

    The Kiss


    I think this guy cares more about his mustache than the woman.

  • Control



    It's certainly on the surreal side with a number of odd unexplained occurrences and motivations, but on the whole surprisingly grounded and straightforward. It's a pretty clear allegory for self imposed purgatory that uses its somewhat strange setting to setup a character study. As intriguing as the setting is, and there are quite a few funny and enjoyable moments of various kinds that come from its unique atmosphere, it's the slow methodical unraveling of the lead character's circumstances and emotional…