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  • Footlight Parade
  • Justin de Marseille

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  • Perfectly Mismated


  • The Heart Punch


  • The Return of the Vampire


  • Pollyanna


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  • Pollyanna



    An artifact of a particular type of Americana meets the only interpreter who could do this justice.

  • The Fuller Gush Man

    The Fuller Gush Man


    A young woman does not want to wed Walter Catlett, and asks her family to not consent to their marriage. Her family more than rises to the occasion.

Popular reviews

  • The Scarlet Empress

    The Scarlet Empress


    A fever dream of sex, violence, and grotesqueness. An impressionist sketch of infinite riches in a squalid little room.

    If some Lubitsch comedies are operettas minus the singing, The Scarlet Empress is unsung grand opera: a vestigial plot and a purely nominal basis in history, serving as a pretext for a series of star turns of the highest order. It's demented, and as in the operatic world, I intend that as the highest praise possible. If I knew more about 20th century music, I would lament that someone didn't collaborate with von Sternberg to give this work the musical setting it deserves.

  • Male and Female

    Male and Female


    The desert island sequences are underpinned by BDSM in Victorian fancy dress, seasoned with a touch of blasphemy. And then of course in the last reel de Mille pivots to upholding middle-class middle American virtues.