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  • The Party

    The Party


    The chattering classes gonna chatter. So dead-on a portrait of first-world problems I was hoping it was a deep cover parody. Unfortunately, I fear it was intended as an earnest story, however blackly comic.

  • Adventure Girl

    Adventure Girl


    Indiana Joan and the Temple of Derp

    The opening crawl admits that the film is a reenactment of Lowell's account of her voyage. But it falls so neatly into the tropes of action and adventure in tropical climes that--even before the conspicuously staged beast-on-beast fights--any resemblance to actual events must be coincidental. Then of course in the temple, while Joan is trying to find the fabled emerald, Joan and the native princess/priestess get into a catfight, showing plenty of thigh in the process. Not recommended even if you are a crank like me who will watch ANYTHING from 1934 or earlier.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Back in the day I'm sure I read a Harry Potter fanfic incorporating many of this film's premises. But the world of this film feels like a bigger fantasy than anything dreamed up in association with the Potterverse.

  • Cat Listening to Music

    Cat Listening to Music


    The ultimate highbrow cat video.