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  • Love Jones

    Love Jones

    I needed this movie. The main relationship never felt inauthentic or had unrealistic obstacles. Sometimes, we aren’t on the same page. Scratch that: people are rarely EVER on the same page. We want the person we love to understand us even in our silences, and we play ourselves every time. It’s a cycle that will often not end in such a nice way as this film does. 

    Also, it is a true testament to my enjoyment that I immediately wanted to watch Love Jones all over again as soon as I finished it.

  • Unicorn Store

    Unicorn Store

    Brie Larson struggling to lift some hay when in reality she can bench press a unicorn was the funniest part of this movie

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  • Get Out

    Get Out


    I was expecting better (the first half was SO GOOD and suspenseful, then the second half feels absolutely rushed).

  • Thelma & Louise

    Thelma & Louise


    Slight Spoilers Ahead (but it's stated in the LB summary so I guess it's not really a spoiler...)

    It should be said that Thelma & Louise first came on my radar amid discussion of, yup, Suicide Squad. There was hope for a Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy story in the vein of T&L. A movie about two female badasses who flirt with disaster and crime? That piqued my interest:

    But I see the greater appeal of a DCU movie like this. With a…