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  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    This was the "Ghost in the Shell" we deserved...

  • Burning



    ********SPOILERS AHEAD********

    "You can make it disappear like it never existed"...

    Burning first came on my radar after checking out one of two sites I often frequent for movie-related content. As soon as I saw that Steven Yuen was in it and that he was playing the antagonist, I was sold. I've been a fan of Steven Yuen since his Walking Dead days, and he's gone onto bigger and brighter things since. One could say that leaving The Walking Dead…

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  • Alien



    Best of Sci Fi

    Warning - contains nostalgia and meanderings...

    I'll never forget the first time I saw Alien. I was told I wasn't allowed to watch it because it was on late on a Sunday night and I wasn't allowed to stay up.

    But I didn't listen and tip-toed down the stairs and into the lounge to watch it. Defying my (very) strict mother just to watch a movie was a pretty daring thing to do, believe me. So,…

  • Drive



    If you're on tumblr, and you track the film tag, you should know how popular both Drive and Ryan Gosling are. So I'm gonna skip the synopsis bit which most people should know by now and jump straight into why I loved this movie so damn much.

    The silences. Those lapses in time when nothing was said and all that happened was the moment. God, I loved how NWR manipulated the pauses just so to create so much emotion. How…