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  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Damn, ScarJo was really good in this. Sam Rockwell too. Taika is absolutely wacky and subversive. Crazy how much he derives from Moonrise Kingdom visually (again) and how much I’m totally okay with that.

  • Three Colors: Blue

    Three Colors: Blue


    Absolutely phenomenal. Every shot, every movement, every sound feels like an original thought that has never been captured in cinema. Juliette Binoche instantly grabs you with her performance of a woman hurtling through the abyss of unspoken grief. It’s arty and French but also timeless and universal.

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  • The Letter Room

    The Letter Room


    A short film about the power of letters, love, and loneliness in the sad walls of a prison. The story is deceptively simple and sparse, showing how unconditional love can make such a beautiful impression. The supporting cast, especially Alia Shawkat, is memorable with one or two short appearances each. 

    Oscar Isaac absolutely owns his moustache and dad bod.

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Still amazing, fantastic, swoon-inducing, brilliant, bittersweet, lush, breathtaking six months after my first viewing.