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  • Benny Loves You

    Benny Loves You


    A cute concept that never managed to rise above, and ultimately failed to deliver anything beyond a smile for me, no laughs to be found. Benny himself being the best part of this film, he was met with a frustratingly shallow slapstick mess of a human cast that only delivered on the most general and broad range of humor, and fell flat as a result. This would have been significantly better with the inclusion of a contrasting element between Benny…

  • Honeydew



    A fairly paint-by-numbers plot of stranded travelers being met with sinister smiles and hospitality that is more than it appears.

    However, the plain yogurt storyline is offset and elevated greatly by the technical achievements of camerawork, sound design, and editing to create a deeply unsettling film that successfully creates tension and anxiety.

    Spoiler free video review here: youtu.be/OHtLISjchRw

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  • The Pond

    The Pond


    Visually compelling movie chock full of allegorical imagery. However, without the characters, plot, or coherency necessary to establish engagement, it feels less like a rich tapestry and more like a cipher with no key.

    Full video review here: youtu.be/p7N5kMlMAyY

  • Death Trip

    Death Trip


    For a microbudget movie, it looks quite good and the relationship between the four leads feels organic with dialogue that sounds natural. Also good at developing an air of foreboding and tension. Unfortunately, the grander pacing issues and lack of established conflict prevent me from recommending it broadly.

    Full video review here: https://youtu.be/oik8rlsCnTM