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  • The Forgotten Battle

    The Forgotten Battle


    Sorry, but I’m pretty lukewarm on this one.

    The battle the film is named after seems to be in this very little, and once it’s there we’re pretty much dropped in and there is very little clarity. Which struck me as a missed opportunity. 

    But the film is mainly about everything leading up to it, and I did find that story quite captivating. Three people in very different parts of the war edging towards one another. Even though I can…

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    I get why people prefer Snyder’s vision. I just don’t. This is not good by any means, especially on rewatch. And I will not justify this existing. I just enjoy some of this way more than the redo. Especially Aquaman, who seems like the revamped Thor of this comic universe.

    But some of this, mustaches aside, is actually uglier than the Snyder Cut. That boggles the mind.

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  • Adaptation.



    I was returning to this, expecting to reconnect with the utterly delightful insanity I found in Adaptation. when I watched it years ago. Especially with Kaufman’s latest few in mind, and also Spike Jonze being the director made remember it being a bit wilder. I guess it’s the memory of being awed before.

    Now it actually strikes me how restrained this movie is from the get-go. The weirdness is mostly in the script and the structure. The dominant look, however, seems…

  • The Endless

    The Endless


    This is the sort of work that propells the medium of film forward. An original way of building up from existing ideas and concepts, and finding new ways to surprise with just the few means at their disposal.

    Tickle me more, o great Moorhead and Benson!