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  • Crank



    You know that point in GTA where you stop caring about the missions or story and just get stuck into being an antagonistic douche looking to get their wanted level as high as possible?

    Crank is that in film form. Its brash, crude, completely un-PC, and I love it for it!

    I'm surprised Chev Chelios (what a fucking name!) didn't hole up on a roof with a bazooka to be honest.

    Do you think he's got 'cunt' written on his forehead?

    Pure Shakespeare.

  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin


    If you look at it as an extension of '66 Batman, there is something to enjoy.
    But it is bad! Motorcycles fly off bridges and don't make a sound when they hit the ground. Arnie is just a bonkers bit of casting. Clooney isn't a bad Bruce especially in scenes with Alfred.
    But ice skates and credit cards.
    But! If we hadn't this we wouldn't have Batman Begins.

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  • Cats



    This is one of the most confusing things I've ever watched.

    I think the problem I made was expecting a plot. Jellicle.

    I like a couple of the songs, and it's performed well, but not much happens, and Jellicle doesn't make any sense!

  • Spectre



    Spectre is infuriating.

    If you list everything that a good Bond film needs, it’s present and correct. This is also Craig at his most Bondian and he’s great to watch. Given the OK to have a bit more fun, he’s clearly building on and enjoying the changes brought over from Skyfall. His niche has been discovered; in the vein of Connery or Dalton rather than Moore or Brosnan, and it works well.

    The bothersome thing is that despite including everything…