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  • She Dies Tomorrow

    She Dies Tomorrow


    For better or for worse, one of my biggest takeaways of She Dies Tomorrow is the most dialogue-free opening 15 minutes or so, where the increasingly depressed protagonist Amy plays the “Lacrimosa” segment from Mozart’s “Requiem” on a loop. Amy Seimetz’s script plays fast and loose with a mostly non-cohesive narrative, which includes some flashbacks to Amy and her boyfriend Craig (Kentucker Audley), which offers a vague explanation of how these thoughts of death got started. In fact, Amy all…

  • Peninsula



    2016’s Train to Busan was an immensely action-packed affair that showed that there was still some life in the overplayed zombie apocalypse film. Automatically it would be impossible for Peninsula to be seen on the same level as the previous film and indeed this film falls into the typical zombie film cliche of the fellow surviving humans being more dangerous than the undead threat.

    However, if there is one thing I can praise director Sang-ho Yeon for is that he…

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