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  • The Ladykillers

    The Ladykillers


    Great Tom Hanks performance and the Southern Gothic aesthetic isn't anything to scoff at either, but also this movie is fucking racist.

  • Intolerable Cruelty

    Intolerable Cruelty


    Aight, no, I was wrong about O Brother, Where Art Thou being the least interesting work Roger Deakins did with the Coens. This one isn't particularly defective visually, but it's weirdly overbright even in the cartoonishly gloomy areas and particularly with anything that involves on-screen light sources where the points of focus of a shot get confusing.

    Beyond that, every once in a while there's a bit part that's played at just the right register to carry a scene comically,…

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  • Skin


    Green Book is no longer the worst race-based Oscar nominee.

    EDIT: Now officially the worst Oscar winner I have ever watched.

  • Hamilton


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    NB: I didn't realize I typed so much so suffice it to say that this is half review of the filmed version and half manifesto regarding my attitude of the musical and Disney's status in the pop culture sphere. If that doesn't interest you, don't invest too much time on reading this: suffice it to say, I think Hamilton is not worth the 2 hour and 40 minute commitment on the level of object and as glorified internet video.