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  • Cruella



    The 60s and 70s are iconic in England, synonymous with the punk revolution, rebellion, and changes in conformity. Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya) brings us yet another strong, ambitious, and rebellious female character that needs no other introduction than: Cruella. With fashion at its center, the visual design of this film is top-notch and used cleverly to progress the story and showcase Cruella’s devious and complicated mind. With an incredible cast, this film is one of the more entertaining and successful of Disney’s live-action films from animations.

  • Infinite


    INFINITE is a fun and thought-provoking take on a classic action film. Being from a novel, some of the story elements made me think twice as I wanted to know more. But were probably answered fully in the novel. The base storyline is simple, but the story-world is large and detailed. A lot like Inception and John Wick, the world grabs you and you want to know more. While the film is based around The Infinites who have had many lives and learned many skills, the advanced technology can be jarring at times. Overall, it's different and a fun action flick for your Saturday night.

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  • Alone



    ALONE is a film that simultaneously escalates quickly and builds slowly and suspensefully. The acting is brilliant from the two main characters who are essentially playing a cat and mouse game of vulnerability and wit. While it doesn't bring anything new to the genre, the clean cut nature of the film is refreshing, visually well made and narratively solid.