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  • Mr. Right
  • Free Guy
  • mother!
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  • The Man From Toronto


  • The Man From Toronto


  • Date Night


  • School's Out Forever


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  • The Princess Bride

    The Princess Bride


    It is “Inconceivable!” that anyone would dislike this masterpiece. The novel: delightful. However, the film leaves the viewer feeling as if his or her needs were answered with, “as you wish.” ❤️

    Novel Link if curious: The Princess Bride

  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

    E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


    “E.T. home, phone.”
    I cried hiding under the seat of the theater when this film originally came out. Soon, my friend’s mom quietly, gently, settled me in her lap. I will never forget the lessons taught to me that day by an unreal alien on a screen that made the reality of life all too real.

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  • The Man From Toronto

    The Man From Toronto


    One word: “Onancock.”
    “And no-contact boxing.”
    “No you will not be taken care of her with your well manicured hands.” 

    Yes, the film is a funny, full of Kevin Hart’s improv and humor. Woody Harrelson does a great job at holdin’ his own especially with his stunts.

  • Date Night

    Date Night


    “We’re excellent roommates.”
    “You guys were having s3x twice a week?”
    “You need to walk among the birds.”
    “Get that bird away from me.”
    “Honey, please just do what the nice woman says?”
    “Triplehorn, party of two.”
    “Us. We are the Triplehorns.”
    “The three seconds game…”
    “Pen1s blood, lots of it…”
    “Eighteen foot shoulder muscles.”
    “They stabbed a chicken nugget with a sharpie. These are bad people.”
    “Zip your face.”
    “You just took our reservation. Who does that?”
    “I buy…

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