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  • Aftersun



    Langorous, nostalgic, sepia... the way best memories are. A father and his 11-yo daughter take a vacation to Turkey which, in an odd twist of fate, turns out to be the latter's last with her dad. Twenty years hence, as she looks back upon that trip, she unflinchingly finds all the details lodged undisturbed in her mind. Every conversation, every laughter, every despair, every move, every chase, every arguement, every idiosyncracy and viscerally, every contour of her father's rising and falling visage. The movie arcs the recollection of a tender relationship that seethes with a silent, unhurried ache.

  • Broker



    Hits the right note. Tender, empathetic, relevant.

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  • Kalank



    Aw... Snap! I wish the movie hadn't gone this messy on its lament of doomed love that even good actors like Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan appeared measly caricatures.

    The story had potential, no doubt - a lost love story nestled in the lap of India's partition, an excruciating truth whose remnants continue to trouble us till date. But the potential was squandered by a mish-mash of dialogues, melodramatic portrayals and excessive opulence. The length was an added bummer as…

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird

    A dismal fare that typecasts coming-of-age into screaming, howling, snogging, dressing, prom-ing and (miraculously) still holding up. One star for a Kierkegaard reference and the penultimate scene of a father's thoughtful gift.