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  • Poltergeist
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Trick 'r Treat
  • All About My Mother

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Recent reviews

  • Holy Spider

    Holy Spider


    This is a brutal film about a culture I have very little knowledge about. From a Westerner's perspective it's easy to damn the misogyny and second-class treatment of women, but even easier to blame the religious zealotry of the other. (There is no live and let live, even here in America.) But the focus is really on the serial killer and woman trying to stop him at all costs. It's sobering with some of the most vicious kills I've seen…

  • Death's Roulette

    Death's Roulette


    This lovechild of Agatha Christie and “Saw” makes for an entertaining Mexican thriller. The gorgeous set decoration evokes the recent trend of high profile whodunnits and the cast is nimble and game. The twists and turns may have been obvious but as someone who has a clinical inability to follow clues, I was befuddled all the way, jaw agape. It gets a little darker than it should but hey murrrdurrr isn’t lighthearted.

Popular reviews

  • The Advent Calendar

    The Advent Calendar


    This is clever concept for a yuletide horror film with a solid cast, relatively good execution, and good production values. The big bad is woefully unexplored and too much is left to the imagination. The ending however, leaves a sour, hard candy Christmas taste. I appreciated that a character with a disability led the story (even though the actress is not disabled) but didn't appreciate its overall ableist message. Horror has always been a transgressive genre so it's disappointing that The Advent Calendar is so regressive.

  • A House on the Bayou

    A House on the Bayou


    I love a good morality tale and this one has a solid concept, but plays it much too sly in trying to emulate that A24 vibe. If you are going to go THERE, show us because movies are a visual medium. If you tell us not to go through that door, there has to be something nightmarish on the other side, not just a room painted black. With the Blumhouse banner, this probably doesn't qualify as an indie (regardless of…