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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    There are moments in the new Mortal Kombat that just make me so damn happy. The opening sequence is great, and the portrayal of classic characters like Sub-Zero, Kano, Raiden, Mileena, Kabal, and Goro is awesome. But why we have to spend half the movie following around original character Cole Young (hardly a MK name for the ages) is beyond me. I mean how are we meant to root for Cole when he’s taking on Sub-Zero or Goro, some of the most beloved characters not just in the franchise, but video game history. It was a nonsensical decision. But hey, it’s got it’s moments.

  • My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher


    I’m certainly no expert in how to review Documentaries, but I really enjoyed My Octopus Teacher, and it was awesome to get an insight into these beautiful creatures.

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  • Hamilton



    As close as you’ll get to seeing the show without spending a huge amount of money on tickets. Saw the show in London, but it was special getting to see Lin, Daveed, Anthony, Phillipa, Oak, Christopher, and Renée in the roles. I already know I’m going to be watching this a lot. A LOT.

  • Artemis Fowl

    Artemis Fowl


    There are two things to consider when looking at Artemis Fowl. Firstly how does it do as a film? Secondly how does it work as an adaptation of Eoin Colfer’s work?

    Well there isn’t much great to say about Artemis Fowl as a film. It’s bland, empty, and despite only being 90 minutes long it feels like it’s twice that. The performances aren’t great, although Judi Dench’s is passably entertaining, but no one else makes any real impact at all,…