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  • Captive State

    Captive State


    The movie offers some great themes and concepts - kinda similar to Neill Blomkamp's 'District 9', but unfortunately 'Captive State' has zero substance. Without any kind of real characterization going on or any sense of plot or an indication of where the movie is supposed to go it becomes increasingly difficult to care about how it ends. Huge, huge failure.

  • The Prodigy

    The Prodigy


    'The Prodigy' pulls ideas from its successful predecessors of "creepy child" horror genre while unsuccessfully trying to inject new ideas in the film. Relies too often on cheap jumpscares.

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  • Death Whisper

    Death Whisper


    A much better movie than ‘Whispering Corridors,’ ‘Sunyi’ is an interesting horror film centered around the topic of bullying. Although it does become a tad generic at times, it is still intriguing as a whole. Enjoyable.

  • Shazam!



    With its standout performances (woohoo, Zachary Levi!) and hilarious comedy, ‘Shazam!’ is a refreshingly delightful and vibrant superhero movie in the DC Extended Universe.