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  • Samjin Company English Class

    Samjin Company English Class


    The film quickly loses its focus as it quickly shifts from whistleblowing the corruption of a company and drives into a subplot of anti-Globalism and anti-American Corporatism that stretches out the runtime ANOTHER 25 minutes longer than the film ever needed to be.

    The cast has a lot of vibrant chemistry who do a great job at presenting what Korean work culture was like back in the 1990s. The characters themselves are well developed and benefit from strong period details…

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    If the character of Wonder Woman is a symbol of love, peace, and hope; WW84 represents the death rattle of the superhero genre. WW84 shows audiences that the wrong people are in charge of the Wonder Woman franchise and sadly, they will remain in charge for a while.

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  • Hustlers



    Do you hate capitalism?

    Do you love feminism?

    Do you hate Wall Street?

    If you do, you will LOVE this film…if not, there is NOTHING for you here.

    Hustlers is producer Adam McKay’s latest “Wall Street is bad” film project where a bunch of strippers rob people who progressives believe are responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. The idea of the film is “well, they ‘robbed’ us, so it’s okay to rob them because capitalism is bad”. So from the…

  • Unpregnant



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