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  • Feel the Beat

    Feel the Beat


    This was cute and entertaining. The kids were adorable and the best part of the movie. Everything that happened was convenient and predictable, but I wasn't expecting anything different. This movie rushed through the beginning scenes about why she goes back to her hometown, but that wasn't important anyway so I didn't mind. The romance was forced and there weren't enough scenes between the two characters to make it believable or interesting.

  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga


    This was ...good? A very wacky film with good music....but Eurovision is a bit wacky and it has good music, so I think it works well. I will agree with all the reviews saying that Will Ferrell is too old for his role.

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  • The Flu

    The Flu


    It took me a while to get into this film because I really disliked the characters at the beginning. But the cute little girl that stars in this made me keep watching and by the end of the movie I was screaming at my screen and ready to jump into the film to defend the 3 main characters.

    The second half of this film was so much better than the first. It even managed to include some discussion about the way "fist-world countries" intervene in other countries crisis with total disregard for the lives of the people of those countries and end up causing more harm.

  • Scoob!



    This movie was boring and disappointing. The main problem with this is that they tried to modernized the mystery and it did not work, it lost all the magic of the Scooby Doo movies and show, which were funny and slighly creppy, and this one was none of those things.

    There were a couple of cute moments between Shaggy and Scooby, which were the highlight of the movie.