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  • Elstree Calling

    Elstree Calling


    Film #18 for my Hitch in Time Project.

    England's answer to Hollywood musical extravaganzas, Elstree Calling features a series of skits and musical numbers simulcast on both radio and television, with a plot loosely tied together by the conceit of a London man trying to receive the signal on his tangled mess of a television set.

    There are a couple of impressive musical performances by Teddy Brown and his accompanying orchestra, some beautiful segments including the animated art deco credits…

  • Juno and the Paycock

    Juno and the Paycock

    Film #19 for my Hitch in Time Project.

    Well received in its day and based on a beloved play, Juno and the Paycock is little more than tragedy on parade, a litany of terrible things happening to people who probably don't deserve it but who are so unlikable and dull that you truly don't care. Complicated situations are made simple for the sake of plot, and a little common sense from some of the main players early in the film…

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  • A Night in Heaven

    A Night in Heaven


    Somewhere buried underneath this ungodly disaster of a film is the story of a couple of aging hippies struggling to find their place in a culture that no longer has any use for them. Whitney (Robert Logan) is a talented engineer at NASA who just wants to build rockets to explore space, but in the era of Reagan, only the military has any interest in his skills. As goofy as those opening credits look, where Bryan Adams sings "Heaven" as…

  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    Absolutely nails the look of late 60s occult B-movies, with a healthy dose of early 70s arthouse porn and ABC Mystery Movie aesthetic thrown in for flavor. The film does well capturing the weirdness of the era, like a cheap film's make-up budget being spent entirely on the lead while the remaining actresses look washed out and bland, and outdoor sets being the producer's back yard dressed up with a couple of tiki torches.

    But stilted acting, velvet draperies and…