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  • Battleground Melbourne

    Battleground Melbourne

    This gets no rating, it’s poorly made propaganda for an agenda that makes no sense. Don’t watch this trash, save your brain cells. Self entitled cry babies crying when they don’t understand science for an hour and 41 minutes on YouTube. Utter trash.

  • Shark Side of the Moon

    Shark Side of the Moon


    Tubi and The Asylum is a match made in heaven. Shark Side Of The Moon is fun, silly, ridiculous and a good time. If a film is enjoyable no matter the quality or budget, than that is a job well done and this film has that. This is upper tier for The Asylum, the actors do a good job, the story flows very well, the green screen and CGI whilst obvious, does look good and the Shark Hybrid designs are fantastic. It is as silly as it gets and doesn’t apologise for it. I can see this film being a comfort film for me, it’s wonderful.