Favorite films

  • The Fan
  • Splatter: Naked Blood
  • Blue Velvet
  • Heartless

Recent activity

  • Gran Turismo


  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


  • Saw X


  • The Double 0 Kid


Recent reviews

  • Gran Turismo

    Gran Turismo


    The first act was a little shakey but by that second act it (pun totally intended) kicks into high gear. Very freakin enjoyable film.

  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil


    That wood chipper scene 🤣

Popular reviews

  • Battleground Melbourne

    Battleground Melbourne

    This gets no rating, it’s poorly made propaganda for an agenda that makes no sense. Don’t watch this trash, save your brain cells. Self entitled cry babies crying when they don’t understand science for an hour and 41 minutes on YouTube. Utter trash.

  • Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle


    It’s very silly but I had a blast, more like this please!