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  • Hell House LLC


  • V/H/S/ 85


  • Cocaine Bear


  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves


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  • Elevator Game

    Elevator Game

    You're telling me this isn't a Halloween special for a Disney show and I'm just supposed to believe that?

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    So I should stay away from men who listen to podcasts. Got it.

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  • Relic



    This film fucked me up in all the best ways, playing on so many fears you hold for your family and the future. Is it a great film? Yes. Will I ever rewatch it? Fuck no.

    Watched for Macabrella’s 2022 movie challenge:
    🎴Week 6 (Feb. 5 - Feb. 11) - 'She Bop' - Watch a horror film directed by your favourite female director!

    (I don't have a favourite female director, so I picked one at random, and what a fantastic pick!)

    Watched for azuul's 2022 movie challenge:
    Week 14 - Ozploitation Week: See a lost gem from Australia!

  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning


    I would estimate that approximately 3% of this film is historically accurate, from costumes to hair and makeup, to stage design, to speech. This felt like an extremely low budget TV film.

    Watched for Macabrella’s 2022 movie challenge:
    🎴Week 3 (Jan. 15 - Jan. 21) - 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' - Watch a horror movie that shows a scene where a woman is falsely accused of being a witch!