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  • Living Universe

    Living Universe


    Space, like the future, is inevitable. It’s a wide, open expanse that raises an infinite array of questions. These questions help fuel the eternally inquisitive nature of mankind. The why’s, the how’s, the what’s, the drive to find out about what is – or what isn’t – out there in the universe. These are all questions that may never be answered by the current generation of scientists and astrobiologists, but may very well be answered by the scientists of the future.

  • Here I Am

    Here I Am


    Shai Pittman’s Karen Burden is getting out of prison. A few years behind bars has changed her life. Sure, she’s clean, but she’s also lost her daughter and has no work experience. She heads to a women’s shelter to find some stability and get her life back on track. From there, things are going to change, the future will be brighter.

    Here I Am is writer/director Beck Cole’s feature film debut, after creating some great documentaries and short films. This…

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    The eighties feels like it’s the decade that spawned that pesky thing called ‘nostalgia’. The rose tinted glasses of the seventies were discovered by upstart squirts who cringed at the idea of enjoying anything their parents would, so dove head first into whatever fantasy or science fiction books they could find in their local library, forgetting to come up for air. Author Ernest Cline took the notion of nostalgia to breaking point in his book Ready Player One, conjuring a…

  • Lost Gully Road

    Lost Gully Road


    Lucy (Adele Perovic) heads to the forest to seek refuge in isolation from a man who won’t leave her alone. Her sister, Cassie (Eloise Mignon), periodically checks in on her over the phone, providing Lucy with updates as to where this unseen man is, and constantly reminding her to not turn on her phone for fear of being tracked. In the meantime, Lucy may not be alone in her remote refuge as other worldly beings begin to make their presence…