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  • The Outwaters

    The Outwaters


    I just finished viewing a test screener for this and am totally impressed! Generally speaking, I was confused, but in a GOOD way.. I was disturbed, but also in a GOOD way.. Horror these days has taken a bigger leap towards the 'entertaining' route versus ever really pulling off anything that is effectively 'scary' - but 'The Outwaters' successfully nails that element that I look for in horror, that being both disturbing and scary. I also gave this a rating…

  • The Lion's Mouth

    The Lion's Mouth


    Something about this short just keeps bringing me back to it... The found footage element is really effective and there’s a ton of really neat story elements packed into such a small timeframe. Nothin but respect for this one.

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  • Money



    Produced by Geofilms Entertainment, this short cyber/thriller (shot entirely on the iPhone 4S) is not the first I've come across now from Spanish filmmakers Alfonso García and Vincent Blonde. Nevertheless, 'Money' offers a unique contribution to the found footage filmmaking sub-genre and I would highly recommend checking this one out as well as their other short films.

    Vimeo link: vimeo.com/157827748

  • Ghostland



    Watching this felt like the time I saw Arnofsky’s Mother! in theaters — Full body tense, edge of my seat the whole time...feeling so uncomfortable I forgot to move around and just relax.