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  • Mandy



    I honestly don't know how to feel about this one so I rated it 3 stars until I think on it more. This movie is a vigilante flick on LSD!!!

  • Trench 11

    Trench 11


    Not necessarily a bad film, but could have used some trimming. The effects for the parasitic worms were delightfully gross, but I really wish there were more blood and beasts in this. Overall worth a one time watch.

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  • Troll 2

    Troll 2


    Movie based on its own merits: Probably 1.5 stars.
    Movie based on its entertainment value: 4.5 stars

  • Xtro



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Xtro is one of the oddest and most unnerving films ever created. Three years after his dad vanished, a young boy named Tony begins dreaming/having nightmarish visions that his father is coming back home for him. His dreams soon turn out to be true but dad isn't the same anymore. Transformed by alien beings to survive in another alien world, Sam Phillips plans on altering his boy and taking him away from Earth forever.

    XTRO is like watching a waking…