• The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    What an incredible film! This film truly surprised me as it was so much different than what I expected. At first my main motivation to watch it was the astonishing cast including Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard and Sebastian Stan, along with the fact that it took place in a small American town during the ’50s to mid-’60s which gave the story great storytelling potential. 

    Soon I realised that the film was about so many things, and that apart…

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    A film that I watched some time ago but for some reason never got around crafting the ideal review. This is such a unique film in about every single thing that it does, that it would be a shame not to take some time to process and research the film appropriately.

    ”Good Time” has a unique premise which is essentially one guy’s night going extremely bad. The protagonists are two brothers who are criminals, and when one gets arrested, Robert…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    Little Women is a stand-alone masterpiece. Without a doubt one of the biggest successes of 2019 in cinema and an outstanding period drama, definitely my personal favourite! Gerwig’s direction was exactly what this film needed. It was interesting, compelling and creative, it gave plenty of room for the characters to grow. The colour palette and cinematography were also gorgeous and one of the main things that drew me to the film in the first place. The colours truly felt like…

  • Bombshell



    I absolutely LOVED the film. What a realistic and intimate look into the news world and corporate America. The film brought to light some incredibly serious and relevant topics such as sexual harassment (most specifically in the workplace), sexism, sense of justice, women in the workforce, female empowerment and other relevant issues.

    The film was shot beautifully and it’s style was very fitting for what the film was trying to achieve. The acting was powerful with three of the most…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    An incredibly interesting  film. The directing style was very fitting for the unique tone of the film. The performances were very strong and I was incredible to see how well the dynamic and chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Willem Defoe worked. It was only the two of them and they managed to hook the audience and express the complicated relationship of two isolated men. The cinematography was definitely the strongest point of this film and it was very well reserved…

  • Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

    Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)


    I just really really loved this film. Starting from the obvious, Margot Robbie is literally the perfect choice for the casting of Harley Quinn’s character and I could never imagine someone portraying her in a more iconic way. I also loved the cinematography and colouring, they truly did an amazing job with it and it helped establish the peculiar world in which Harley Quinn lives in and it probably also represents the chaos in her mind. I think that the…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    Very interesting and unique film. I don’t think I even understood it completely (at least the end). Joaquin Phoenix was incredible like always so that was no surprise. What I also found very interesting is how he was in every single scene of the film and it felt like it was almost a silent film. There wasn’t much dialogue at all and it was interesting to watch it and and wait to see how they’re going to tell the story with such little dialogue.

  • Zodiac



    Great directing from David Fincher. Probably one of his finest works. Cinematography worked great to capture the era’s essence and how the characters grew more desperate as the years past and the film kept going. The story managed to capture how the Zodiac affected the lives of each character individually, but it felt like it was on a surface level the entire time. It felt like the characters could have been developed more instead of just presented every time something…

  • 1917



    Incredible film. The directing was truly excellent, the one shot technique worked flawlessly and created a moody, realistic and shocking environment without it become tiring or boring. It managed to work as it should, to take you through the soldiers’ experience and the awfully dark and ugly side of war. The score accompanied the film in such a unique manner. I loved how perfectly it was placed in all the right moments that it felt like the sound the soldiers…

  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    Nothing special to be honest. I was expecting it to be at least very romantic but it was actually pretty boring without conveying a message or telling a compelling story or even having compelling characters. I really don’t like it when characters or the story doesn’t have a purpose.

  • A Rainy Day in New York

    A Rainy Day in New York


    Fun and easy to watch but with not any particularly interesting scenes, moments or visuals. The dialogue always felt a bit dull and unrealistic even, but I did love Timothée Chalamet’s character and I think it would be worth exploring in more depth. I felt like it was a very light take on the characters who weren’t in any way explored or challenged. However I did love the feeling of the film, it was just what I needed when I…

  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

    Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


    I finally got around watching this very much talked-about film. My feelings are kind of neutral towards it, I didn’t know what to expect from it so here’s what I liked and what I didn’t.

    The Good: Michael Keaton is VERY talented and you can really see how he gets immersed in every role that he’s playing. I love seeing an actor with passion, Emma Stone is one of my favourite actresses anyway so I loved her as well. One…