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  • It



    "Wonderfully performed and crafted with unmistakable care, both reverent and inspired, IT is a top-tier Stephen King adaptation and an instant horror classic that will in all likelihood inspire its own legacy. IT is scary, but it asks more of you than jumping and marveling at gore and aesthetics; it asks you to meet these kids on their level, to face horror and not look back in nostalgia. IT puts a cap on the ’80s, insisting on a reality far…

  • Misery



    "Amidst all the fear and absurdist humor, Misery captures a deeply affecting human sadness. “You’ll never know the fear of losing someone like you if you’re someone like me,” Annie says. In that moment, though we know she’s a monster, we sympathize with her. And when she comes back with, “I have this gun…Sometimes I think about using it. I’d better go now. I might put bullets in it,” our sympathy collides with our revulsion. And that is so often…

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