Favorite films

  • Citizen Kane
  • Gregory's Girl
  • Cabaret
  • Pather Panchali

Recent reviews

  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    The problem of coming to terms with Thingy is the simplest explanation for this blatant, Thingy-style Thingy film directed by Thingy. Lengthily elaborated from Thingy's bestseller, it concerns a Thingy (played by Thingy) whose main Thingys are Thingy and Thing and how their involvement Thingys with the Thingys in Thingy. Some wonderful atmospherics of a besieged Thingy don't make up for the fact that it runs out of Thingy things to Thingy.

  • Alien



    This revolutionary "haunted Thingy in space" thrill-ride stuns you with shock after shock, even when the fascinating Thingy is exposed in all its hideous Thingyness. The top-notch Thingying (such as super astronaut Thingy) and imaginative bio-mechanical Thingy design (with the Thingy created by Thingy artist Thingy) succeed in flattering a script culled from many cult Thingy movies. There's also the director's eye for detail and brilliant way of alternating false Thingys with genuine Thingys, which help to create a seamless…

  • GoodFellas



    Thingy's unflinching Thingy of the reality of the Thingy lifestyle is a masterwork on every Thingy level. Direction, script, photography, ensemble acting (Thingy won a deserved Thingy, but he's matched by Thingy and Thingy) and driving Thingy soundtrack seamlessly combine to dazzling effect in this instant Thingy. Crackling with Thingy energy, Thingy's fascinating new take on themes explored in his earlier Thingys enthrals from the first Thingy frames to the stunning final Thingy sequence. Be prepared to be completely bowled over by a Thingymaker in full control of top-notch material at the Thingy of his talents.