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  • Early Spring

    Early Spring


    This is a film which transports you to another time and place, shows you glimpses of life that seem tangible and situations that captivate and resonate. The film's only sin is its tendency to ramble - especially in the first half - but this tendency gives the film a sense of events unfolding in real time. It's the type of film that leaves you full and satisfied, like a hearty meal of soul food. Typical stroke of genius from Ozu.

  • Blue Film Woman

    Blue Film Woman


    Just about as sleazy as it gets. There's a lot of sex in this movie, with most of the sex scenes disgusting and perverted in one way or another. The colors are beautiful though - and of course, one of them is pink.

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  • The Saragossa Manuscript

    The Saragossa Manuscript


    "The Saragossa Manuscript" is a labyrinthine epic with as much humor and eroticism as it has mystery and subtly unsettling surrealism. After diverting the viewer from the events laid out in the first half of the film for much of the second, director Wojciech Has ends the film on a haunting note in keeping with its recurring themes of narrative loops and a perceived reality always lurking just outside of our conscious grasp.

  • Satantango



    "Sátántangó" opens with a 10 minute tracking shot of cows aimlessly wandering across a muddy dirt courtyard. Quietly ominous synth pads are layered with tolling bells and the intermittent bleating of the cows, with no people in sight. The Steadicam tracking shot glides across the potholes and mud with unsettling grace, following the cows' movement with absolute precision. At first glace, this opening shot apparently serves only to establish a bleak mood and an equally bleak setting, a dilapidated farming…