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  • Smooth Talk

    Smooth Talk

    Two thirds bland coming of age drama, one third almost-thriller. Laura Dern is about the only thing worth watching this for and even she has none of the enigmatic charisma that mark out her later roles, she's just a mopey, dopey teenager. Well over an hour in, things briefly threaten to get interesting when her folks and eerie sister go to a bbq and 30-year old teenager Fonz-wannabe A Friend turns up in his gold drop-top. After demonstrating his dorky…

  • Death and the Maiden

    Death and the Maiden


    April 15 1977: Polanski goes on trial in California for statutory rape. April 15 1977: Paulina Lorca is abducted off the street and taken to a detention centre for 'interrogation'. Except in Arial Dorfman's play on which the film is based, the date is April 15 1975, so it was explicitly changed to 1977 in the screenplay, along with Paulina's maiden name (from Salas to Lorca). While it might be a stretch to consider Death and the Maiden some kind…

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  • Possum



    Darkly oblique, low key character study of a damaged mind. Philip is a puppeteer by profession, who is forced to return to his childhood home following his disgrace at his last paying gig. He terrified the kids with his puppet, a macabre arachnid creation with a blank head resembling his own. This is Possum, an alter ego which has haunted him since entering his life in childhood, preventing him from becoming a functioning adult.

    Scored by a brooding collection of…

  • Bait



    I'm not sure what I was expecting - neo-realism or retro-styled kitchen sink drama perhaps - but Mark Jenkin's entrancing film is a labour of love that borders on anti-realism with its expressionistic editing, montage and post-synced sound. It's a defiantly experimental, subtly confrontational piece that stays true to his own Dogme-like Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 manifesto. It looks like a long lost artefact, rescued from oblivion, but has an unmistakably modern sensibility.

    The way the sound is entirely…