The Zeughauskino, located in the center of Berlin, Germany, presents programs of a special kind that draw from the entire spectrum of film and offer new, often surprising…


New Zeughauskino retrospective 'Flapper, It-Girls, Funny Ladies' looks at silent film comediennes of the 1920s

Everybody used to know them: Mabel Normand and Marion Davies, Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow, Colleen Moore and the Talmadge sisters. In the silent movie era, they were among the most popular actresses and were famous for their comedic talent. In wit and physical comedy, they could easily rival their male colleagues Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, or Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

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Every sex scene could benefit from Tom Waits' soothing voice.

Jean-Luc Zezemusch > Jean-Luc Godard

Bisschen zu PoMo, aber allein die von Tom Waits und TOM TRAUBERT'S BLUES untermalte Sexszene legt mindestens einen halben Stern drauf.

No one speaks English and everything's broken: Welcome to Iraq.

Zeze discovers his most persistent motif (a barren field of reeds by the waterside) and works through his most annoying influences (good riddance). Had literally no clue who was who or what was what except for, well, a bande à part on permanent vacation. The purest form of homage, in a way.

A film of split frames, both vertically and horizontally. Something's always bearing down on you, be it the body of your rapist or the sky about to fall. Up there it's forever dark blue, cold as death; down here, therefore, we need some friction to stay alive, whether granted, forced or paid for. But if you try to run away, a high-rise or smokestack will inevitably cut off your escape route.

The only creatures able to traverse these fateful quadrants…

Zeze proves a bath won't wash away your sins and that for a very short moment bubbles only polish the dirt to cover up the rotting soul inside.
agressive and depressing yet mashed up with some stunning colours and scenes that are way to beautiful to suit the underlying violence.

Zeze's picture of a summer fling that went wrong got it all: lesbians, a man who doesn't say a word, two gigantic balls, Terrorists, a dramatic amour fou that leads to a unfulfilled ménage a trois, two unwanted pregnancies and death. What could you possibly want more? Except for fish.

I'd like to believe that Pixar stole Zezes idea of how all drains end in the ocean.