Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

This movie was so extremely fun and wacky, I loved it. This movie kind of reminds me of both Inherent Vice and Big Lebowski in that a guy gets swept up accidentally into a bizarre mystery that he has to figure out. I did like this more than inherent vice, mainly because I had way more fun with this. This film ain't for everyone though, it's definitely comes off as self-indulgent and misogynistic a lot even though it's trying to do the opposite. But I kind of respect this film for being this bold with its choices and taking risks at every turn.

The camerawork and cinematography are also really revolutionary and unique and it's really great to look at but there's a lot of odd editing choices. I feel like this might have been because there were a lot of problems surrounding the production and A24 that might have lead to some scenes being cut. But it's fine most of the time. The score was also really great and had sort of a 60s noir vibe to it. I also think this movie was like slightly too long, could've cut like 15 minutes, it kind of drags about for a bit around the second act. But like all the flaws don't really affect the film too much and I was literally in for it all the way through.

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