Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★½

Maybe Spoilers.

Wow this was poor. So much effort went into the costume and production design of this and the story was like boring and not intriguing. The editing was terrible and apart from a few scenes I didn’t like it (those being)
-‘Leo doing the best performance she’s ever seen
-Brad Pitt and Leo watching FBI on television 
-The Frozen Margarita shouting at the hippies 
-The over the top gratuitous violence and fat fucking flame thrower.

Unfortunately the last one and maybe my favourite scene was so tonaly deaf I was just laughing out loud. I get if you like this but I genuinely don’t think it landed or that the whole Rick Dalton thing was fully rounded out. The thing Tarantino started out being the strongest at is what he is weakest at in this film. 

Basically watch the trailer and it’s better than the film and you don’t have to watch 3 hours of film. This could have been great and it wasn’t and because of that I’m sad. I wish it was good, apart from Deathproof I pretty much enjoy all of his films as well. The Kurt Russell voice over as wel is like ugh and the whole count down to Sharon Tates night is pandering for Tarantino to be liek PSYCH. also I accept your hypothesis she is sooo underused rip Margot Robbie. 

I just remembered how bad the Playboy Mansion scene was, it was like out of a run of the mill period drama. Think the problem I have is that it isn’t popping but it’s also not terrible it’s just meh.

What a waste of good performances. I sometimes felt I was watching a Wes Anderson fun during the spaghetti western montage.

Ah fuck. 

P.S. I don’t know how I feel about letting Sharon Tate speak again and felt pandering and on the nose

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