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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    I think I might have watched this because Netflix suggested me to, so they're not really out of the narrative

  • Hamilton



    I could have Renée Elise Goldsberry slap my face multiple times and I’d still thank her

    Big shoutout to her and Daveed Digs for making Hamilton so very special

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  • Silence



    Japan, the swamp.

    As Inoue spoke for what Shusaku Endo meant, Japan is then considered a nation which tends to absorb rather than export, and once has accomplished that, close itself shut again, repelling everything that feels unusual to the japanese sensibility.
    I red the book last year for literature class, and appreciated it for the deep and silent (yes) description of the sufference both the people and the priest endured during those 30-40 years. Scorsese acknowledged the silence of…