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  • Ciao! Manhattan
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  • Sympathy for the Devil

  • Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda

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  • Head-On


    "istanbul renkli, hayat dolu bir şehir. burada yaşamayan tek şey benim. tek yaptığım hayatta kalmaya çalışmak..." ❤️

  • Visit, or Memories and Confessions

    Visit, or Memories and Confessions

    every form of art in a way, for me, is a reflection of the artist. i love deeply personal films and memoirs are the type of books i love the most — something about memories and the way people visit them always fascinated me. manoel de oliveira visits his memories by literally visiting the house he grew up in, which is no longer his. accompanied by beethoven; visit, or memories and confessions is sort of a docu-drama. it starts with…

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  • Black Moon

    Black Moon

    louis malle collaborates with ingmar bergman's regular cinematographer sven nykvist in this highly symbolic, profound and apocalyptic take on lewis carroll's alice's adventures in wonderland. louis malle creates a dream world with black moon, so the best way to approach the film is to analyze it like we're analyzing a dream.

    the film starts with a young girl trying to escape the war that's been going on between men and women. after some time, she manages to seek refuge in an old…

  • Clair Obscur

    Clair Obscur

    with tereddüt, yeşim ustaoğlu brings a raw and sensual portrait of two women — şehnaz and elmas — that are enslaved by patriarchal society.

    şehnaz is a psychiatrist that lives in a nice apartment in istanbul with her partner. she starts a mandatory duty on a provincial town and works there during the week and goes back to istanbul during the weekends. her story is aligned to elmas', a young girl from that provincial whom has been forced into a…