Good Time

Good Time β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Letterboxd Friend Fest 2021 - #14

It's the turn for Mihir (Milfir) πŸ₯Ί the best buddy I know, who I admit I originally forgot to include in my list 😐 but I sneaked him in because I really wanted to πŸ₯°

Good Time was as electrifying as I expected, full of different emotions that shine behind its brilliancy. One special thing that I really adored was how the palette always gave the vibes of a controlling atmosphere, that always blends with the characters beautifully reflecting their inescapable situation (specially in that red-powder running scene). In terms of experience there is not a single thing to reproach to the Safdies who factually two of the most promising style artists today. Like with Uncut Gems, they achieve an immaculate sensation which is clever and keen from every point of view. Perhaps the is some narrative which didn't close so well to me as to give this a higher score (just like with UG), but I cannot really do anything else than praising what this achieves: infinitely fresh rewatchability 🀀

Still waiting for a bad Bob Pat performance 😎 he really said β€œI am better than you” to this generation.

Oh and whoever created this poster, made one of the best I've ever seen 😳

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